"If you have ever had any doubts about acupuncture, please schedule an appointment with Susie Hayes."

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Susie Hayes for four months for chronic back pain when my pain level was about a 7 out of 10. I was miserable. Susie is a graduate of Bastyr University and is a kind, genuine person who listens well and excels in her profession. Shortly after treatment was initiated, my pain level dropped to about 3. I have gone from taking eight over-the-counter analgesic tablets each day to two tablets or fewer. I am now sleeping two to four hours more each night than before treatment. I feel so much better and I am told I look better. I heartily recommend Susie Hayes and Energetic Medicine."

- Gloria B.

"I highly recommend Susie and Energetic Medicine … Susie, I really think you’re awesome!"

"If you have ever had any doubts about acupuncture, please schedule an appointment with Susie Hayes.  Twelve years ago, I was referred to Susie by a friend who was certain acupuncture could help me with my bad headaches and migraines. I have been a believer and a faithful patient of Susie's ever since my first appointment. Acupuncture has helped with simpler issues such as stopping a cold in its tracks, to more complex issues such as bad digestion and anxiety. I credit Susie and acupuncture for giving me the knowledge and ability to conduct my life in a healthier way without interruption. Upon your arrival, you will immediately be at ease and comfortable in Susie's office surroundings, and with her. Susie takes the time to question AND to listen with compassion to what is going on with each individual. Susie uses her ever-evolving knowledge, skills, and continual up-to-date training as an acupuncturist to get to the root of what is really going on in each individual body. I would recommend Susie Hayes without reservation, to anyone."

  - Joni Z.

"I feel so much better and I am told I look better. I heartily recommend Susie Hayes and Energetic Medicine."

"Susie at Energetic Medicine treated my hamstring injury with compassion, expertise and professionalism. I had this ongoing injury for a couple of years from running and had been wanting to try acupuncture when a friend suggested Susie. Her office was a little out of my way to drive, but was well worth it! She helped rehabilitate my hamstring in time for my next half Ironman. She creates a relaxing atmosphere and I think I slept most of the sessions. I highly recommend Susie and Energetic Medicine and will go back to help get me through my training for my next Ironman… Susie, I really think you’re awesome!"

- Sheryl P.







Susie’s dedication to learning the wisdom and knowledge from the ancient medical texts thousands of years ago is apparent from her dedicated studies around the world with Tran Viet Dzung MD and the teachings of Nguen Van Nghi, MD, since 2000; Susie is committed to furthering the transmission of these teachings to medical professionals to facilitate the fusion and integration of energetic medicine with mainstream biomedicine to better help patients.


Each private treatment room provides custom comfort and relaxation with music and heated beds that contour to all shapes and sizes, accommodating the needs of handicap and pregnancy.


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