Happy Lunar New Year of the Earth Yin Pig!

February 5 marked the start of the Lunar New Year of the Pig.  Traditionally the Lunar New Year is celebrated for the first two weeks of the Chinese calendar new year, which initiates with a new moon.  As the moon builds over the first two weeks of the new year, we can take the time to set the stage in preparation for what we intend to manifest over the coming year. Embarking on the new year with cleanliness to help release the past clears a path to initiate our intentions for the next year. Taking time to pause and celebrate with loved ones with delicious foods and nourishment can support the manifestation of success, wealth, happiness, longevity and one's intentions over the coming year.

This year of the Pig marks a time of enjoyment and celebration in the pleasures of life. Being the last year in a 12-year cycle, it supports the completion of long-term projects, in which we can enjoy the fruits of our labor that we've amassed over the past 12 years. It is a pleasant reminder to relax and enjoy life, and to spend more time with family and loved ones, enjoying the comforts of home. It is not considered a time of excess activity, overwork or stress, therefore, giving yourself permission to let go and relax a little more can bring about inner peace and contentment.

Wishing you all great success and happiness in this time of pause and celebration! The door is always open at Energetic Medicine to assist with bringing clarity, inner strength and well-being, to support you in the intention to enjoy life!

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