Happy 2020 Lunar New Year of the White Rat

January 25, 2020 marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year of the White Rat extending through February 11, 2021. The year of the Rat is exciting in the 12-year cycle as it is the first of the 12 animal zodiac signs, and therefore considered a time for new beginnings and circumstances. Among the 12 animals in the zodiac system, the Rat is considered to be very clever, successful, intelligent, and skilled with money, resources, and getting things done. It is a time of feeling renewed with opportunity and possibilities, so taking the time to tune inward to clarify one's priorities and purpose can pay off to ensure we direct our intentions, resources, and will toward our top priorities of what is most important and meaningful to us, which often includes our family, our loved ones, and our own personal health and well-being.

To learn more about what the coming year may have in store, here is Lillian Bridges' 2020 Forecast for the Year of the White Rat.
Reflecting on fruition from 2019, below are recent education offerings of mine that you may be interested perusing:

Here's to the creation of wonderful new beginnings and to joy, success, and happiness for you and your family throughout the coming year!