Do You Know Anyone on the Frontline?

Please share this short video with anyone you know and anyone who may know someone on the frontline: A Tool For the Frontline

Why I became an Acupuncturist

My father died in a hospital in 1992 after suffering from a stroke while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for lung cancer. At that time, the treatments for lung cancer weren't as refined and subtle for patients to tolerate. He died in the ICU within a week after his stroke. I recall his doctors, including the cardiologist, gently informing me and his wife, that there wasn't anything they could do to help. They were very nice, and I could tell they were very intelligent, yet I found it dreadful that there wasn't anything they had in their medical toolbox to offer to help him.

At the time I was a District Sales Manager for a small start-up computer software company in Nashua NH. I didn't know that one day I would become an acupuncturist, but I was intrigued that my Shiatsu practitioner, who I brought to visit my father just before he headed to the ICU, offered the same assessment of his condition as the medical doctors did soon after: This fusion of two seemingly opposite ends of the medical perspective intrigued me, and subsequently fueled my curiosity to investigate other tools for our medical system to use to help relieve patients' suffering. Soon after in 1995, I began my studies in acupuncture and energetic medicine.

Now here we find ourselves amidst a pandemic with a growing number of patients suffering and dying and so many frontline healthcare workers asking for tools to help their patients. Could this be an opening for acupuncture's potential to not only help prevent people from becoming sick, but also to support them in recovering from illness?

Please watch my short video which offers a simple tool for frontline healthcare workers. As so many patients struggling to breath collides with a medical system in need of innovative and simple tools to help patients, here is just a small piece of what acupuncture may have to offer.

Wishing you optimal health,