Professional & Teaching Endorsements

Her Diagnostic Skills Are Of The Highest Quality

Susie Hayes is one of the best acupuncturists in the Seattle area. Her patient load is varied with patients that adore her. They adore her because they are getting well. Her diagnostic skills are of the highest quality. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients, whether it is working them in if they have an emergency to researching information about their physical condition if the problem proves particularly stubborn. I would not hesitate to refer patients to Susie.
Bonnie K., Acupuncturist, Author

Deeply Knowledgeable And Gifted Instructor

Susie Hayes LAc is a deeply knowledgeable and gifted instructor, with a passion for connecting her scholarly knowledge with clinical wisdom and expertise. Many of the special points and needling techniques offered are not available in common acupuncture texts. I will take any course she teaches because I know that I will come away with a deeper understanding than I have been able to achieve, even through my 28+ years of experience in practicing and studying acupuncture.
Rachel P., Acupuncture Physician

Extraordinary Practitioner And Teacher

From the moment I interacted with Susie, I felt challenged and inspired. I wanted to learn more about the therapies that she offered. Out of all the supervisors, I thought she was the only one who took time and a lot of energy to teach the students how to connect theory and apply it to a clinical setting. I found her instruction to be a fundamental aspect of my growth as an acupuncturist.

She is an extraordinary practitioner and teacher. Many positive things have come out of my interactions with Susie on an academic and personal level. I am so grateful to learn from her extensive knowledge from her years of study and dedication to the medicine. I am so fortunate to call her my teacher and mentor. She exhibits extraordinary support to the field of Chinese medicine by staying true to the principles and always selflessly devoting her time to students whenever they need. Susie embodies and exemplifies all the qualities that I strive for.
Rhadha S., ND, EAMP

A Teacher At Heart

Susie Hayes is not only one of the most passionate individuals in TCM but also one of the most effective practitioners, I have ever had the chance to study under. She is very well spoken, with a natural teaching presence and ability. She is an expert in breaking down sometimes complex theories and ideas into a skill set that has proved time and time again to be highly successful.

Her successful clinic is a direct representation of the fabulous work she does as a practitioner, and she has an equally powerful presence with her patients. A teacher at heart, she passionately works with her patients to educate and empower them towards healing.

I consider Susie Hayes, one of the best teachers I have had in my 5 years in medical school and oriental medicine and acupuncture studies. She is a trailblazer, and a truly caring, and knowledgeable woman. I have the utmost respect for Susie, and recommend her highly.
Csilla V., ND, LAc

A Dynamic, Entertaining Speaker

She is a natural teacher, and her enthusiasm for Chinese medicine is contagious. 

Susie's presentation was excellent.  She has a strong understanding of the subject matter, she was attentive to her students and took the time to make sure that everyone was understanding the concepts that she was discussing, and a dynamic, entertaining speaker.

I would attend any class Susie taught in a heartbeat, and I am proud to have her as a colleague and representative of my profession. 
Melissa M., ND, LAc

It's Rare To Find An Instructor Like Susie

It is rare to find an instructor like Susie – her passion for her work and the great depth of her knowledge of acupuncture shine through in her methods of teaching. She is engaging in her presentation; she explains advanced concepts in ways that are easy to understand; she encourages questions and discussion among her class attendants; and she brings new light to the material she is presenting while remaining firmly rooted in clinical and theoretical evidence, drawing on patient cases and the classical texts. Her knowledge and understanding of acupuncture techniques and the application of Chinese medicine for addressing and treating pathology is inspiring. I left her continuing education seminar with renewed enthusiasm for the practice of acupuncture, a greater depth of understanding of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and concrete ways to achieve results and help my patients in my practice immediately. I highly recommend her as an instructor.
Keriann S., ND, LAc

She Is The Best Teacher I Have Ever Had And I Am So Grateful

Susie was a teacher of mine and a clinic shift supervisor when I was an acupuncture student. Her knowledge and passion for acupuncture are so infectious and so inspiring. Learning from Susie is an instant source of motivation to constantly learn from the old texts. She is the best teacher that I have ever had, and am so grateful. I would highly recommend her.
Krystal P., ND, EAMP

I Would Take Any Class Offered By Susie

Susie is a well-studied, thorough teacher. I have been fortunate to take several different classes with her, and she has the utmost integrity with the material she is teaching- not only to the lineage of the material she is teaching, but also to her students, ensuring every question is answered to the best of her ability and satisfaction of each individual. I would take any class offered by Susie.
Heather B., MS, EAMP